Year 4 Alliteration Poem

Today, Yesterday and the day before we have been looking at Alliteration Poem. it’s really fun and Awesome, my letter is R. We looked at Animalia then made owner own one on a letter we hade choose like P or D, here is the picture below.


Rainbow Rosellas Racing  Round The Rainbow.


Fact & Opinion


I can tell the difference between fact and opinion.


  • There is a hole filled with muddy water.
  • There is a car in the muddy water.


  • I think it’s a city.
  • I think there is a person in the car.


I wrote this because it is interesting for me at first.

I Am Poem


I am Smart and Artistic,

I wonder what happened in the past,

I hear my brain talking to me a lot,

I see Dragons in the sky,

I am Smart and Artistic,

I pretend that my bike is a horse,

I feel Jess (A dog that died),

I touch a dinosaurs back,

I am worried about the what will happen when I grow up,

I cry when I get hurt,

I am Smart and Artistic,

I understand the meaning of friends,

I say my family and friends are my life,

I dream to be a vet,

I try my best at school,

I hope I have a grate life when I grow up,

I am Smart and Artistic.

`I wrote this because it tells a lot about me and I love writing poems.

My Digital Learning Portfolio


Australian History Timeline


Mysterious Door


IT Hero’s


presents should give there child what they want ?



Yesterday we had WOW day our topic this year was ANZAC and Gallipoli. I was in group 1 and the first activity we did was…

  1. we did cooking with Mrs M we made ANZAC biscuits!
  2. we made slouch hats with paper with a teacher helper!
  3. we made poppies out of cellophane and serviettes!


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