ICT Reflection

On Fridays 4s have a day at the ICT lab with Mrs Sleeman  we use the laptops, we use them to do stuff on our blogs and google drive. This week we are doing our digital portfolio for next week on the 5th of November. But we all have a day off from school isn’t that grate really a day off bad part is we need to go when it is time for the meting.



Cultural EXPO

cultural expo:

On the 22/10/2015 our school had our cultural EXPO 4sit was really fun we were all dressed my friend Lucky wore a blue half saire .4s went to the expo at 12:30 me and my class went with the year 5 and 6 .me and my friend coulden’t see anything because we were all small . We saw our friend Snaha did a dance she made for her brother’s birthday,  we saw lot of stuff and we also did lots of dancing, I followed the people in front of me. It was so FUN!

And 4s made drums for Afirica place.

dress up day


This week we had a day to dress as our favourite character. I dressed as a snow bear from The Secret Kingdom, my cattie friend dressed as Cattiness from the hunger games she brought a mini backpack and a bow and arrow, my teacher dressed as princess Layer from star wars she brought a light saver. it was AWSOME but it RAINED ALL DAY we got to dance in the gym.