Fact & Opinion


I can tell the difference between fact and opinion.


  • There is a hole filled with muddy water.
  • There is a car in the muddy water.


  • I think it’s a city.
  • I think there is a person in the car.


I wrote this because it is interesting for me at first.

I Am Poem


I am Smart and Artistic,

I wonder what happened in the past,

I hear my brain talking to me a lot,

I see Dragons in the sky,

I am Smart and Artistic,

I pretend that my bike is a horse,

I feel Jess (A dog that died),

I touch a dinosaurs back,

I am worried about the what will happen when I grow up,

I cry when I get hurt,

I am Smart and Artistic,

I understand the meaning of friends,

I say my family and friends are my life,

I dream to be a vet,

I try my best at school,

I hope I have a grate life when I grow up,

I am Smart and Artistic.

`I wrote this because it tells a lot about me and I love writing poems.

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